Features of Upside Down ATP

● 伺服馬達傳動,高轉速高精度(單片攻牙:1.5~2秒)
Servomotor-driven for high rpm and precision (1-2.5sec. Per sheet)

● 公制、英制,特殊絲攻尺寸,皆可一次混合同時完成
Handles metric, British or special-standard threads

● 可一次多片多方向同時攻牙,並可盲孔攻牙
Multi-sheet, multi-direction tapping and blind-hole-tapping

● 可配合沖床、生產線連線作業或線外單獨作業
Works independently or with a stamping press

● 可附加絲攻檢知攻能
Tap sensor optional


Upside Down ATP

Features of Upside Down ATP

● 兼具傳統型攻牙機的靈活性與多軸自動攻牙機的高效率
Has both flexibility of traditional tapping machine and efficiency of multi axis automatic tapping machine.

● 各個牙桿套組皆可調整水平位置,不同的工件種類也不需更換治具板
Each toothed bar group could adjust horizontal position, don’t need change jigs with different work pieces.

● 傳動機構和市面上的多軸器功能相同,但零件拆換更簡單
The function for transmission system is the same with multi-axial organ in the market, and easier to replace the parts.

● 治具、牙桿皆可擴充,簡單、便利
Jig and toothed bar could be expanded, are simple and convenient